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West Buildings, Osberton Grange,
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The home of Osberton Nurseries, grower of top quality Rhododendrons in the heart of Nottinghamshire, England

Wet Spring?

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Wet Spring?

Will Murch

Rhododendron Hoppy

Rhododendron Hoppy

Sometimes Winter and Spring can be very wet. When this happens it is vital to keep an eye on your plants. Plants in free draining and nutritious soil will have loved this weather and be really happy but if they are in heavier soil then give them a check up as they hate getting wet feet in soggy ground.

Azalea Mary Poppins

Azalea Mary Poppins

Check that they are not planted too deep, the top of the rootball should be 3cm proud of the ground.  If they are recently planted you can easily raise it yourself by putting a spade under and packing soil underneath. 

Cover with the soil around the plant with plenty of pine bark chips, this will keep soil moist and add humus to your soil over time, which will loosen it up improving the drainage.

Spring is a great time to feed your plants particularly if the foliage is looking a little pale. Pamper them with Sulphur chips and a slow release Ericaceous compound fertilizer from your local garden centre. Sulphur Chips are harder to come across and you may need to buy them online.

In pots and containers your plants need a treat too. Use your fertilizer there too or even better use a controlled release fertiliser like Osmocote.

A little work in spring can make all the difference.